encerrado en casa

What are we doing?

Lots of us have been struggling for a few weeks about how to prepare for the psychological impact of being stuck at home to flatten the curve. Rather than just work too much, some of us have found it useful to turn to our creative endeavors as a place to find some comfort or stability.

In February, while taking a few days off from work, I read about musicians in China livestreaming during social distancing. I was particularly interested in about the rehearsal series organized by Zhu Wenbo and Zhao Cong of Zoomin’ Night, and how we might try to organize something similar in our timezones.

So, I talked to some friends about it, and tried to sell them on the idea. On March 20, 2020, I hosted a stream via a Zoom call, where I performed, along with Carrie Wade (C. Vadi) and Don Mennerich. We had about 10-12 people drop in and out of the stream. And here we are today, as we try to do this again.


encerrado en casa is an attempt at organizing live experimental music and video art in the age of social distancing. It’s an opportunity to try both new and old technologies, in varying ways: small, intimate gatherings of friends, joining in a shared rehearsal and performance. We encourage you to start small by picking a date, a time, and a platform. Contact us if you’d like to perform.

Based in the Bay Area, Mark A. Matienzo is an archivist and technologist, and performs music as Black Tent.